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Download Plum Stock Rom – All Plum Official Firmware

Plum Stock Rom

Plum Stock Rom will bring a new life to your Plum smartphones and tablets and can be provided with many additional useful features when flashing Plum devices. When we buy a new Plum phone we usually have the latest Android version. but After a time you need to install Plum updates manually with a tool if your phone supports upgrading to the latest Plum update software.

Do you want to update your phone? If you are a user of Android phones and you need to Update your Plum smartphone, In this article, we will provide you to Download Plum Stock Rom For Update Official Firmware and How to install it successfully.

Download Plum Stock Rom – All Plum Official Firmware

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Before you begin updating your Plum mobile, it is important to have all the tools at hand:

How to install official firmware on Plum Devices – All methods

Update Plum Devices Via SP FlashTool

1- Run Flash_tool.exe:

How to use sp flash tool

2- Click on Download Agent, find and locate the download agent File (it should be in the flash tool folder) and press Open.

3- Click on Scatter-loading 

download sp flash tool

4- Find and locate the Firmware Plum Scatter File and press Open.

download sp flash tool

5- Now click on the Download button.

smartphone flash tool

6- Connect your Plum Devices:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Remove the battery (if removable)
  • Remove Sim card and SD card to prevent data loss
  • Connect your Plum device to your computer via USB cable.

7- You ‘ll see this info and the flash process automatically starts, The flashing process might take some time to complete.

8- That’s it ! you have successfully Update Plum Stock Rom.

Update Plum Via SPD Flash Tool

1- Turn off your Plum and Connect your device to your computer via USB cable

2- Run SPD Flash Tool:

2-Click on Load Packet, find and locate the download .pac File firmware and press Open.

3- Click on Star Downloading and the flash process automatically starts

4- The flashing process might take some time to complete.you will see Green Passed message, your device will restart automatically.

5-That’s it ! you have successfully Update Plum to new Android version.

Update Plum device Via QFIL

1- Extract Qualcomm Flasher Qfil files & Run QcomDLoader:

2- Now Check Rat Build & Click on Browse to Choose MBN File.

3- Go To  Load XML, & select rawprogramunsparse.xml and Select Patch0.xml

XML file comes with two option:

  • rawprogram unsparse without qcn.xml : On choosing this file, data will not be lost.
  • rawprogram unsparse.xml : Will lose RF Calibration data, IMEI and WiFi/Bluetooth Address.

  • Now power off your Plum mobile.
  • Press and hold volumes button together
  • Connect your Plum Mobile via USB cable
  •  Click on Download to start flashing.

4- Once Finish Download appears, Disconnect your Plum device from the USB cable.

5- That’s all! you have successfully Update your Plum Stock Rom via QFIL tool.

Update Plum devices Via WiseLink Flash Tool

1- Run WiseLink  Tool.exe & choose No Register Login then click on OK.

2- Now click on 3 Dots & browse and locate the Plum Scatter file you download it

  • You’ll find it in the folder where you extracted the ROM files.

3- Connect your Plum mobile:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Remove the battery (if removable)
  • Connect your Plum device to your computer via USB cable.

4- Click on Download Button

5- The flash process automatically starts, wait for flashing to be complete before disconnecting

6- That’s it, a window appears Download finished, your Plum devices are ready to use.

Notice: To facilitate searching for your Plum phone, Press F3 or Ctrl + F

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